History of M4 Couriers – (by the late GRC Moolman dated 27 May 1997)

“The cc was formed in September 1994 with the intention to convey small parcels and documents to Mthatha and back. Since then we have grown into an organisation able to service most of the Eastern Cape, covering as far as Mount Ayliff, Aliwal North, Graaf Reinet and St Francis Bay.

We have established agreements with reliable agents who in return could cover national and international shipments on either an economy road freight or airfreight basis.

Founder Background

When Pieter Moolman matriculated in 1992, there was just no work available. To have some type of income he joined a company in Mthatha as a messenger between their head office and various shops in and around Mthatha. After less than 8 months he got a promotion as a butchery manager within the same group. Orders placed for products sometimes took up to two weeks to arrive from East London, you either had to drive to East London yourself or wait for the only two transport companies who used to deliver to Mthatha.

On account of the dependence of Mthatha businesses on East London for spares and conveyance of urgent documents and the erratic delivery thereof, he recognized the need for a professional courier service.

With funding from his parents, Jerry Moolman and Denise Moolman as well as his brother Gerhard Moolman, he managed to obtain one vehicle. He started with no experience but with the desire to render the best possible service.

From the outset the emphasis was to provide a professional service and to charge a reasonable rate for a well done job. The merit of this belief is reflected in the substantial increase in turnover and customer base.

On account of the phenomenal growth of the business, he had to call on his brother, Marius Moolman, to come to his assistance, first to manage the Mthatha operation, and then operations manager at the East London office.

We believe that our care and efficiency, the image of our staff and vehicles have introduced an unprecedented level of professionalism into the courier business, causing us to be inundated with applications from new customers.”

extract from Daily Dispatch – June 1997

Current affairs

We are still the only courier company which offers a twice daily service between East London and Mthatha, East London and Queenstown and East London to King Williamstown / Bhisho.

Unlike many other companies we service the Eastern Cape with our own branded vehicles and staff.

We have an established office in East London (head office) and Port Elizabeth, Mthatha and Queenstown are serviced by “mobile” offices.

We offer agency depots for couriers not based in East London, pod’s are returned promptly to the relevant parties.

A tender service is offered to any company, whether you are based in the Eastern Cape or any other province. We do have the facilities to purchase tenders on a customer’s behalf and overnight them to the customer.

We can help with any type of logistical service, whether it be big or small, national or international, “We do them all” !!

Facts & Figures

We have more than 40 well trained dedicated staff members of which the compliment is 65% previously disadvantaged.

We cover a distance of more than 100000 kilometres per month within the Eastern Cape with our own fleet of vehicles. We handle in the excess of 400 deliveries per day, and can pride ourselves in the fact that our delivery rate is 99.5% as per schedule.

We have active satisfied customers in excess of 450 with monthly accounts.

Our Achievements

1994 – 27 September, It all begins first trip to Mthatha in a passenger vehicle
1994 – 12 October, our first one ton vehicle obtained
1994 – 11 November, our second one ton vehicle obtained
1995 – Four additional vehicles obtained
1995 – Moved to bigger premises in Beacon Bay
1996 – Institute of Marketing Management award
1996 – Five vehicles obtained
1996 – Introduced twice daily trip to and from East London and Mthatha
1997 – Institute of Marketing Management award 1997
1997 – Two vehicles obtained
1997 – Introduced twice daily trip to and from Queenstown King Williamstown
1998 – Two vehicles obtained
1999 – Two vehicles obtained
1999 – Obtained residence in Port Elizabeth, opening of branch
1999 – Introduced overnight trip to and from Port Elizabeth and East London
2000 – Five vehicles obtained
2001 – Three vehicles obtained
2001 – Obtained 750sqm warehouse in Beacon Bay, East London
2002 – Three vehicles obtained
2003 – Four vehicles obtained
2004 – Tenth year anniversary
2005 – Three vehicles obtained
2006 – Two vehicles obtained
2007 – One vehicle obtained
2008 – Two vehicles obtained
2010 – One vehicle obtained
2010 – Obtained 800sqm warehouse in Port Elizabeth
2011 – Three vehicles obtained
2012 – Three vehicles obtained
2013 – Three vehicles obtained
2014 – Three vehicles obtained
2014 – 20th Anniversary
2015 – three vehicles obtained
2016 – three vehicle obtained
2017 – three vehicle obtained
2018 – three vehicle obtained